Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Orange, CA

There are various way to prevent tooth decay, consistent at home oral care and visiting our Orange dentist twice a year are well known methods. However, by adding fluoride treatments, your smile can be healthier and stronger. Children specifically are targeted for extra doses of fluoride through drops, tablets, or drinking more fluoridated water. At Orange Family Dental Care, we provide more insight on adding fluoride to your daily consumption and your child’s.

Why Would You Need Fluoride?

As fluoride is one of the most effective ways to prevent tooth decay without the assistance of dentists at home, it is important to utilize it consistently. Patients can receive fluoride through water and food, but it may be inadequate in preventing decay alone. If you do not practice a consistent oral hygiene regimen or have inadequate exposure to fluoride, Orange Family Dental Care offers fluoride treatments to boost your teeth’s strength and resistance to decay.

 You may need professional fluoride treatments for the following reasons:

-          Deep pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of your teeth

-          Exposed and sensitive root surfaces

-          Fair to poor oral hygiene habits

-          Frequent sugar and carbohydrate intake

-          Inadequate saliva flow due to medical conditions or medical treatments

Additionally, children often need fluoride treatments because they are more susceptible to decay. They are often still learning how to properly brush and floss their teeth, so they will need a little more support than adults to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

How Does Fluoride Work?

Our Orange dentist provides treatment options for both adults and children. As a history of dental decay can determine the need for fluoride, it is important to visit Dr. Samra to review your history and create a treatment plan that best suits your oral health needs.

Topical Fluoride

Patients usually use fluoride through dental products like toothpaste, mouth rinses, and gels. Our doctor and team at Orange dental practice provide topical fluoride treatments through professional application during dental check-ups. Topical fluoride strengthens erupted teeth by infusing the mineral into the tooth enamel, strengthening the tooth. Patients should come into their fluoride treatment with clean teeth, and our Orange dentist will polish and dry your teeth before treatment. Topical fluoride treatments are either made of gel or foam and come in a variety of flavors.

Systemic Fluoride

This treatment is specific for teeth that have erupted and those that are still developing under the gums. Systemic fluoride treatments are tablets and drops prescribed by our Orange dentist. It is important for parents to monitor their children’s intake of prescribed fluoride, for if too much is consumed while teeth are still developing, fluorosis – or white sports on teeth – may result.

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