Lower Arch Implants

Lower Arch Implant Supported Dentures at Orange Family Dental Care

Patients with missing teeth experience deterioration of the jawbone, which eventually leads to facial collapse. While upper dentures are usually held in place with an easy-to-maintain seal and suction, patients often complain that lower dentures fail to stay secure. 

Implant-supported dentures provide an abundance of benefits. Our office provides customized treatment that combines the best of full dentures and implant treatment at an affordable price. Patients who struggle with denture complications, our implant supported dentures allow patients a secure fit and function with smile and confidence.

Lower-arch implants address these concerns by providing adequate support to the jawbone and anchoring prosthesis with secure fit at a more affordable price than single implants.

We offer treatment that specifically focuses on the concerns associated with proper fit of dentures.  Dental implants help:

  • Preserve bone quality
  • Provide support for facial structures (jaw, lips, and cheeks) to maintain a youthful appearance
  • Eliminate the use of denture creams or adhesives to keep teeth in place 
  • Strengthen and support bottom dentures

Pairing lower-arch implants with traditional upper dentures offers an affordable custom procedure that gives patients the best of both worlds.

At Orange Family Dental Care, we offer both snap-in and fixed screw-retained implant supported dentures, so you can customize your treatment to your preference.

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