Same-day Dentures & Partials

Same-day Dentures and Partials in Orange, CA

Missing teeth can hamper many everyday functions, like eating and speaking. At Orange Family Dental Care, we provide patients with durable same-day dentures that improve quality of life. From repairs of current prosthetics to fabrication of new dentures, Dr. Samra works diligently to supply patients in Orange with reliable denture services.

Quality Partials and Full DenturesSame-day dentures in Orange

From the moment patients schedule their appointment with us, Orange Family Dental Care follows through to complete the entire denture process in-house. We handle repairs, realignment, and creation of new dentures as a part of our same-day denture service. Patients feel the difference made in using quality, custom-crafted dentures from our office. Dr. Samra considers every patient differently, committing his efforts to providing unique services each patient can trust. 

One-Day Denture Service in Orange, CA

Our office crafts dentures while they wait, giving our patients same-day denture service they appreciate. Dr. Samra takes impressions in the morning, and then patients can look forward to receiving their dentures or partials later that day.
Imagine walking into our office missing some or even an entire row of teeth, and later leaving with a brand new set of dependable teeth you feel confident smiling with.  

In-Office Lab and Technician

Prior to providing dentures, Dr. Samra consults with patients to decide on their unique treatment plan. He then takes impressions and creates wax try-in dentures to test fit and appearance; patients should be able to bite down comfortably and approve of how their new teeth will look. During this step, Dr. Samra makes adjustments to accurately reflect the patient’s goals. He makes sure all patients are comfortable and satisfied with their set of partials or dentures before crafting a permanent set.

After patients receive their initial fitting, our on-site lab technician fabricates fixtures in our office. With over 30 years of experience, our technician has the skill necessary to ensure that your new teeth are made exactly to specifications. Patients receive their dentures immediately after we’ve completed a thorough evaluation of our work. 

For patients looking to receive dentures over a few appointments, we also offer a two-week treatment options as an alternative to our one-day service. Dr. Samra supplies flippers, or temporary partials, to patients preferring this method.

Orange County Dentures

Eating and speaking with ill-fitting or uncomfortable, old dentures don’t have to be a chore. Custom-created dentures from Dr. Samra restore a patient’s smile and improve their confidence for years to come.

To find out more about our same-day denture services, or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Samra, visit the Orange Family Dental Care or give us a call today!


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