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Our Denture Services:

We think patients wait too long to get their dentures fabricated and therefore, being without teeth for a few weeks. This is not true with our services! We make sure that patients can smile the same day if they either need new dentures or repair. We offer same day services to our patients. In a timely manner, we combined the dental office and the dental lab and focused just on these services. We proudly offer the following products and services:

The Standard Replacement Denture with acrylic teeth (porcelain teeth at additional cost) Immediate Dentures (right after extractions) Same day new dentures and any repair and relines are available. Together, we will work what's best for our patient's appearance, comfort, and function.

For patients who have a difficult time chewing certain foods such as meat, lettuce, etc. we offer a real breakthrough denture that has a surgical stainless steel blade imbedded in the back chewing teeth. These bladed teeth working against specially shaped opposing teeth act like a knife against a chopping block to increase the efficiency of chewing. For patients with a loose lower denture, the cutting ability of this denture is usually a major improvement over anything worn before.

A removable partial denture, also called a removable bridge replaces missing teeth and fills in spaces for patients who still have some of their own teeth. This appliance which can be designed to replace 1 tooth or 14 teeth in either upper or lower arch can be made for a fraction of the cost of fixed or "cemented" bridgework. Our standard partial denture is made from a combination of cast chrome alloy and acrylic. It has metal clasps which attach to the patient's teeth.

We also offer a cosmetic partial which is metal free. It is made from a flexible tissue colored thermoplastic material called Valplast.

With a durable Valplast partial, it is almost impossible to tell real from replacement teeth. The results are truly remarkable.

Additional Services:

We offer same day service and relines. A laboratory processed soft reline which takes 1 day to complete is available. Teeth whitening treatment includes custom trays made in our office and a supply of gentle bleaching gel for at-home whitening.

If you are having problems with you teeth and are unsure whether to restore or remove some or all, please take advantage of our dental services with Dr. Samra to have all your choices explained. We can help you decide on a treatment that best meets your individual needs

If you are interested in knowing more about implants, please call us at our Orange office for information or if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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