Temporary Dentures

Temporary Denture Services

If you’ve you lost a tooth and need a replacement, full treatment can take anywhere between two to three months to complete. At Orange Family Dental Care, Dr. Samra provides a solution to make sure you don’t go a day without the appearance of a full smile by using custom-fitted temporary dentures.

Why Use A Flipper or Temporary Partial?

The esthetic benefits of temporary teeth are obvious, but not many realize that existing teeth shift when a tooth goes missing.

Temporary immediate dentures (flippers), serve to support integrity and current alignment of teeth while gums are still healing after extraction. While missing teeth can cause several complications to dental function, preventing patients from speaking and eating normally, temporary dentures provide a solution for these issues as early as possible.

At Orange Family Dental Care, Dr. Samra can provide a set of same-day temporaries to protect the structural integrity of teeth during the healing process, allowing patients to eat and speak without difficulty. Temporary dentures can be made prior to a tooth extraction and placed immediately after to eliminate any time a patient would spend without a tooth. 

When Do I Need Temporary Dentures?

If you’ve experienced tooth loss due to trauma, decay, or gum disease and require replacements, it’s best to receive a temporary set of dentures as soon as possible. While the gums shrink to accommodate to the jawbone’s new structure, teeth can shift which can produce unwanted alterations to a patient’s general appearance. Temporary dentures prevent teeth from moving and replace the space where the tooth or series of teeth functioned within the smile.

Once the gums have completely healed, the temporary set of dentures will either require a replacement or re-adjustments to better fit the new shape of their gums. 

Find Out More!

At Orange Family Dental Care, we provide comprehensive dental care with a specialty focus on treating patients with missing teeth through complete prosthetics. Our laboratory allows us to create fast same-day dentures right in the comfort of our office.

For more information about temporary dentures, call or visit our office in Orange and schedule a consultation with Dr. Samra today!


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